We apply a student-centric philosophy that approaches each customer as an individual, prioritises flexibility in addressing their needs and works hard to make their learning fun.

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in one-on-one tuition, and we keep our class sizes small because we know that class size can be important in determining the quality and speed of learning in Indonesian language courses.

This ensures that each student receives individual attention from their teacher.
This philosophy encourages engagement, increases motivation, and improves the students’ overall language learning experience.

Distance Learning

Our online learning program is a great option for those who prefer studying from home.

Fluency not only offers flexible schedules but also affordable tuition rates.
Schedule your lessons at a time and date that suit you after your booking is confirmed.

All you need to get you started is an internet connection, a computer equipped with Skype.

On Site Classes

We organize on site classes located in Lombok, Jakarta and Yogyakarta upon request.
Please send us a message so that we can provide you with course options that meet your needs.


Trusted by Students

Pak Peter
I have been studying with Sekolah Fluency in Lombok since 2015. At first I attended classes in person at the school house in Lombok every time I visited Indonesia. I was very impressed with the quality of the teachers and the learning experience was made especially rewarding with the friendly professional attitude of the teachers and staff. The one-on-one teaching was for me a very good experience in that I could learn more in a shorter space of time and without the embarrassment that accompanies a large language class. Sekolah Fluency also offers remote learning over the internet. I began having weekly remote lessons for about 2 years now, this was a great advance to my Indonesian study, in that I got a good solid practice every week and did not forget as much between trips to Indonesia. Again having a native Indonesian teacher is extremely important to me as I also got a perspective about life and times in another country. I highly recommend Sekolah Fluency to learn Indonesian, if you are serious about studying Indonesian language and culture.
Peter Hoffman, Australia
I started studying Indonesian with FluencyIndonesian about 6 months ago. Within that time, my grammar, vocabulary and speaking ability has developed dramatically. As an American, I had been searching for a strong language program but had little success with duolingo and other programs. With FluencyIndonesian, I was actually able to converse and hold a conversation in Indonesian quite soon. The instructor is professional and friendly and her ability to understand multiple languages helps tremendously when teaching Indonesian to non-natives.
A. Malik Ahmad, USA
I've taken one-on-one classes with Fluency on and off for years in various formats (ranging from an hour a week to an intensive 5-hour a day week). I'm overjoyed with the progress I've made with Fluency! They've taken me from a late beginner to native-speaker standard Indonesian in what felt like very little time. This is all the more impressive since I'm by no means talented at languages (as my high school French teacher will tell you)! Vicky and her team are professional, flexible, patient and good humoured! They are also knowledgeable about Indonesian language, culture and history, which I gound greatly enhanced my learning expeience. I don't think other schools would have been able to sate my curiosity about loan words and grammar from Javanese and other languages. Furthermore, compared to other language schools, Fluency place an emphasis on a proper grasp of Indonesian grammar. Indonesian grammar is comparatively simple, but that unfortunately leads many foreigners to neglect it and renders their Indonesian incomprehensible as a result. Speaking personally, I found the prospect of learning a foreign language daunting, even a relatively simple language like Bahasa Indonesia. Despite this, Fluency made it not only a painless experience, but a greatly enjoyable one. I miss being able to look forward to classes!
Maximilian Nilsson-Lardner, Germany
I have been learning Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia for about 5 years and I'd highly recommend Fluency Indonesian! I'd learnt a little Indonesian before visiting the Fluency Indonesia school in Lombok, where I worked with Vicki and the team for a week before travelling (my family also took some foundational lessons) It transformed my Indonesian abilities! Since our time in Lombok, I have worked with Fluency Indonesian remotely via Skype, sometimes twice a week, and I can now confidently and competently have detailed conversations in Indonesian. My 13 year old daughter studies Indonesian at school, and has lessons with Fluency Indonesian once a week. Her Indonesian skills are now better than mine! Vicki has designed a great approach to teaching Indonesian. Initially, having a basic vocabulary, my lessons would focus on translating practical sentences. These applied sentences were useful during my times travelling in Indonesia, but also carefully graded to help me learn critical and useful words. Now, my weekly lessons focus on conversations in Indonesian, some targeted sentence translation, and working through Indonesian's prefix and suffix usage. This is all very carefully pitched at my level (and Vicki has a patient and approachable style). Vicki and the team have special skills in making sure that these lessons are challenging and instructive. Working with Fluency Indonesian has transformed my speaking abilities and my confidence and command of Indonesian. I highly recommend Vicki and the team to beginners and more advanced learners looking to improve their Bahasa Indonesia!
Dan Borg, Australia