Learn with Eka

Hi, I’m Eka Siswantara from Lombok. My experience teaching Indonesian in fluency has always been interesting. Meeting various people from different country, background and age has become the most exciting part for me as a teacher. Even though sometimes the teaching and learning process can be so challenging for both students and the teacher, the tailored learning approach and the flexibility in the classroom that become the teaching and learning model in fluency have helped a lot to build better learning environment to meet students’ expectation. Therefore, it has always been an effective teaching and learning process since the students are always encouraged to give any suggestions and tell about what kind of materials they want to study based on their needs and interest. That’s why learning about students’ personal information and needsare always exciting for me because all of the materials are based on those so that it will be more relevant and functional for them.  Moreover, learning about students’ interest and experiences is so interesting that I can broaden my horizons.

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