60 min class with Yuyun

Hello, my name is Yuyun. I have been working as an Indonesian teacher for eight years in Jakarta.  I took my Teaching Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner certification in 2015. I found out that working as an Indonesian teacher is not merely a profession but a passion. To be a good teacher means you must be a good learner. There is no other way.

At the end of every program, students always said that they have learned a remarkable lesson. I do believe that’s not merely my effort but also my manager and colleagues effort. We support each other so that we can deliver the most valuable lesson for the students. Moreover, I have achieved extraordinary experiences while teaching Bahasa Indonesia. I have learned that each individual is unique and we cannot judge him/ her by ethnicity, religion and race. By learning a new language, we are not only learning to speak in the target language but also the culture of a nation. Thus, we respect and appreciate anyone we meet.

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